Difference between Stock Price and Price Reading Method (MDP)

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I want to clarify this great dilemma since I am the creator of this method.
They are systems that offer the same essence that is the analysis of movements by price in any stock market. The two are included in the technical analysis where it is projected through tools and not indicators.
The Action Price is projected as a function of time and levels such as supports Resistances, graphic patterns, shapes and structures of candles, etc. The great drawback of this methodology is that it is not even adaptive, I mean that traders studying the same book There are no catches of price kids in the same way therefore they will have different results and they do not adjust to the changes Constant prices of the fall and confusion, therefore greatly support the psychological control of each trader.

The Price Reading Method (MDP) comes from an in-depth study of the algorithmic structures that form and transform price. It is based on the symmetry and the canceling of the noise, the symmetry is the impulse structure, the trend of the sea or the corrective that the movement to the price. We also study levels but price openings, maximum and minimum bid in the stock market sessions. We also interpret the sails, but in the face of the behavior of the confirmed breaks, the sea of the transit zones, the lines of symmetrical channels, the symmetrical structures, EMAS and even the Fibonacci levels. The big difference is that the MDP very accurate and adaptive, with it we recognize when it initiates a trend and corrective movement and what they look for the price so that for what it does, can detect when there is manipulation, News But the big difference is that the Psychology happens to the second plane to have the strict rules, always having a specific destiny and a Stop Loss for each tendency, corrective sea, trend continuation and later correction.
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