Financial Investments: It’s Not Easy to Be Profitable

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Making financial investments in the markets is a psychological activity. Despite having the right education and preparation, the secret lies in acquiring the right mindset to speculate.

“They chose two animals to represent the Market. Sometimes your money is trampled by a BULL, And at other times it   is torn by a BEAR. “

Risk-prone people are more likely to make profitable financial investments consistently. In fact, the best speculators in the world have been casino gamblers, lenders and the military. And not by chance.

The first step is to check that we have a certain amount of ability to face risk on a frequent basis. And to work with numbers.

Then we need good education on the Language of Price and that way I understand why are the quotes in the charts. This only leaves us much experience, and it will inevitably be that we reap positive results over time in our financial investments.

Let’s look at more options for obtaining financial investments in the different global electronic markets.

Commodity Market

In this market financial investments are made with fluctuations in the prices of the main global raw materials. The most important commodities market is the CME in Chicago. Their products are bought and sold electronically all over the world.

Perhaps the most absurd part of this market is the mere fact that speculators influence the temporary increase in commodities, cooperate with the global chain of cost of living of the vast majority of countries in the world. The clearest example was seen during the period 2002-2008, when financial investments in commodities experienced an average increase of 300%.

Of course this binge of financial investments of so many participants has a responsible. Speculators simply drink alcohol and get drunk. The interesting question, who will try alcohol and who will plan and organize the party? The Central Banks with the expansive monetary policies.

Stock market

The stock market is mainly the stock market and the bond market.

The bond market is a separate issue. In the United States the bubble of the bond market does not really represent any danger to its citizens; Only on the day that their main creditors (currently Japan and China) decide to charge them. When that moment arrives, the world will take a course very different from the one we live today, because the US has nothing to pay tens of trillions of dollars owed.

The crudest part of these markets is that banks are also called the market makers (quote creators), the date used to refer to financial institutions that have a burden the task of maintaining active prices of quotes for all The stock market products of the world.

This is thanks to the large sum of capitals that have an arrangement. It is quite clear that if an institution is the one that tests the liquidity of a market, obviously it has more possibilities to influence in the direction of the same, no matter the amount of speculators that participate in that market.

The great advantage offered by all markets is that it is the financial system itself that creates the trends by manipulating interest rates and after introducing its big bets to draw huge profits from its financial investments.

These movements are very easy to identify using technical analysis, and with a correct interpretation of stock charts that you can realize, when there is a major trend change in some market to boost their financial investments.

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Financial Investments in the Forex Market

The currency market is … the big market.

In it originate, except in situations of local shock, the movements are replicated in the rest of all the markets of the world and that therefore affect the majority of the financial investments.

The reason is so profound that most people ignore this fact. Markets were created as mechanisms for transferring wealth from peoples to power, and not as most people think they serve to help progress and the general economy.

The reality is very different. The great participants of these markets in the banks, precursors of these stock exchange systems. Large financial investments come from