The Important 3925 Visitas

Apart from what is the technical and fundamental analysis to be successful in trading there are some rules that help me to balance my psychology, which as all well know is the great challenge with which traders continually struggle.
Here are my rules:

Working hours: must be strictly respected. Never operate the full day, unless you have a positive follow-up operation. This is a job like any other, where you have an entrance and exit time, not be more than half an hour glued to the screen watching the price must be cleared, watch TV, read, exercise ETC .. including me to have a Mental disposition more positive I prepare as if I were going to an office, although I have been working from my apartment for over 12 years.

Sleep well: at least 6 hours a day. This factor is highly beneficial for our trading since when you do not sleep well the fear dissipates from our mind and we become more risky, we lose concentration and we make decisions lightly.

Light Eating: No copious meals while trading, it makes you feel heavy with sleep and your mind works slowly. Remember that your money is what is at stake and after that money dreams, goals, family and others.
Work environment with good vibe: Good music, well lit, Organized, your workspace can not be in your room, with a bed inviting you to sleep, it should be your place, (the factory to make money I call it) where not Is discussed, without distractions.

Maintaining a healthy family environment: good relationships with your family, channel your energy towards your work and make you more effective.
Data: over-trade, leveraging without tight risk management. Do not have strict rules in your entry and exit strategy and a willingness to trade. They will take you safely, to self-sabotage and the loss of the account.

Good trading partners and Happy day.