The management of money or risk in Trading

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The management of money or risk is what it seeks to avoid by means of basic rules, that a bad projection, error of judgment, fundamental volatility, manipulations and self sabotage leave us out of the market.

This business we must see and live as a company, where a schedule, rules, rules and departments are respected, a good system and emotional control is needed, which is dominated by strict rules and discipline to comply with them. The first thing we must do before entering an order is to measure what will be the position of the immovable SL. So we can know the lot of the operation, according to the general risk I advise not to exceed 3%.

The key is that the odds play in our favor, to keep us in the game in the long run. Many will say that their capital is small and if they enter only with 3% they would not gain anything even with good routes.

But this is unfortunately, this work is elitist, we need a good mattress to resist the volatility and perform several operations without affecting our management. No matter how hard it is that it is accessible to everyone and that it is very easy to make money in it, even braggart who say that they are consents with 100 dollars, if the consistency is when you already live fully in the market with constancy in the weather.

So if you have little capital it is best to go practicing in micro batches only with the desire to do good trading and learn from day to day. When you already have a structure in your strategy that is profitable for not less than 6 months and a psychological discipline, then it is time to consider paying in the account an amount that according to your percentage of effectiveness and risk ratio benefit, requires it.
Happy day fellows and good trading.